Vegetable fibre

Vegetable fibre is an innovative ingredient for the preparation of desserts. Consisting of a core of fibres, it prevents the release of water by retaining the moisture of the product. Camel vegetable fibre does not contain any additives and is allergen free, does not alter the colour or flavour of the preparations and appears in the ingredients as “vegetable fibre”.

Tipe 1 fibres 2 Kg

It extends the shelf life of leavened products and their glazing. It gives structure to gluten-free products. It allows to process ancient grains and gluten-free flours. It prolongs the softness of cookies.

Fibra Major Uno 1 Kg

100% gluten free,

High- tech nucleus with vegetable fibers and enzymatic parts. Thanks to its components, it can facilitate dough kneading. Fragrant and with the right ripeness and softness for over 80 days to all leavened products. Ideal for consistent leavened products.

Fibra Major Due 1 Kg

100% gluten free

High- tech nucleus with vegetable fibers and enzymatic parts for breakfast products, fried and puffy pastry enhancing their fragrancy for over 30 hours. Ideal for blast chilled products after cooking.