Liqueurs for Ice Cream

Obtained from the infusion and distillation of the best natural ingredients, with an intense aroma and a superior yield. The special density prevents the liqueur from settling at the bottom of the cups, but remains on the surface of the ice cream or cream. The anti-drip dispenser cap and the handy, light bottle allow more precise dosage.

Amaretto 28° 1 Lt

Sicilian almond infusion and distillate.

Apricot 28° 1 Lt

Apricot infusion and distillate.

Cioccolatovo 16° 1 Lt

Liqueur with sugar, milk, eggs and cocoa.

Mandarino 28° 1 Lt

Sicilian mandarins infusion and distillate.

Noce 16° 1 Lt

Liqueur with milk cream and walnuts infusion.

Ovo 16° 1 Lt

Classic Italian zabaione liqueur.

Curacao Rosso 28° 1 Lt

Orange infusion from Curaçao islands.

Maraschino 28° 1 Lt

Liqueur with italian cherries.

Curacao Blu 28° 1 Lt

Infusion of exotic citrus fruit.

Cafecao 28° 1 Lt

Liqueur with coffee and cocoa.

Kilt Cream 16° 1 Lt

Whiskey cream.