Imagine being able to prepare superior-quality traditional Italian ice cream that is always delicious in 15 minutes. Now, thanks to Camel blends, you can make high-quality ice cream with minimal equipment and without the need of lengthy processes and techniques.

One single ingredient. You no longer need to pasteurize, weigh, and mix. Just pour the Camel mixture into the ice cream churn or soft serve ice cream machine to obtain the perfect ice cream in a very short time without specially trained personnel.

Our products only have the highest quality ingredients, the same ones you would use, in a practical 1 L Tetrapak carton, storable at room temperature for 12 months.

The result is a soft, silky ice cream that is warmer on the palate and has a higher level of creaminess given by the constant freshness of the product.

You can prepare small quantities in a short time, no longer being necessary to keep the ice cream in the freezer, saving you space, energy consumption and avoiding product degradation due to the formation of ice crystals. No more waste, use what you need when you need it.

The ideal solution for having ice cream that is always fresh even in venues without a work space, without the need to resort to frozen ice cream. Now even a bar or restaurant can offer high-quality house-prepared ice cream, with the flexibility to change flavours and recipes every day.


  • Good: guarantees consistency of results, perfect ice cream, always.
  • Safe: UHT liquid bases, sterile, 100% safe, free of preservatives.
  • Fast: ready with a few minutes of whipping.
  • Flexible: 1 Lt Brick for ready tastes or 5 kg Bag in box for the bases.
  • Easy: does not require specialized personnel for preparation.
  • Convenient: the package can be kept for up to 12 months at room temperature.
  • Cheap: it reduces waste, it can be rewhipped.
  • Customizable: combine it with other Camel products.


Discover the line of ice cream mixtures: high-quality and natural ingredients to create exceptional ice cream.