Infusions and Distillates

The tradition of Italian pastry

Camel aromas are made using a strict artisanal method. There are two production stages: the first by infusion (for citrus fruits, tropical fruits, herbs, vanilla and spices) or fermentation (for fruits such as cherries, pears and apricots). The second phase involves distillation, using bain-marie stills for fruit and botanical stills for spices and herbs. The result is a product that preserves the organoleptic characteristics of the original fruit. This complex and expensive procedure ensures aromas and flavours remain intact even when the product is highly diluted; this considerably reduces costs while, at the same time, satisfies the tastes of today’s market for aromatic, fragrant and low-alcohol desserts. Suitable for soaking sponge cake, for flavoring (creams, ganache and pralines), they can also be used to prevent freezing and as a preservative.