Still obtained through manual processing, citrus fruit aroma preserve the aroma and the fragrance obtained from fresh fruit. The artisanal processes with batch steam stills guarantee a natural and authentic product. The origin of the fruit is certified by the various production consortia.

Citrus and fruit

Arancia 70° 2 Lt

A slow maceration and distillation of the most authentic Mediterranean oranges for a natural and intense infusion.

Mandarino 70° 2 Lt

A slow maceration and distillation of Sicilian mandarins for a fresh and delicate flavour.

Curacao Olandese 70° 2 Lt

A natural product with a rich flavour obtained with the lengthy maceration and distillation of high-quality Curacao bitter oranges.

Duchesse 70° 2 Lt

A mixture of sweet orange distillate and brandy reserve for a natural and harmonious product.