Aroma with reduced alcohol perception

The delicate flavours and the very high performance of this product make it suitable for preparations in which a very low alcoholic perception is sought, preserving the traditional taste and maintaining fragrance intact.

Limoncello 70° 2 Lt

Infusion and distillate of Amalfi lemons.

Crema Cacao (bianco) 70° 2 Lt

Infusion and distillate of Brazilian cocoa beans.

Zagara 70° 2 Lt

All of the Mediterranean flavours and fragrances of Sicilian citrus fruits and orange flowers in this extremely fragrant syrup that is soft on the palate.

Melange 70° 2 Lt

Distilled and infused with Mediterranean fruit and tropical aromas for cream-based desserts.

Primizie di Frutta 70° 2 Lt

Peach, melon, cherry and other infused and distilled fruits in a fresh and fruity product.

Vaniglia Brown 70° 2 Lt

The scent of vanilla bean encapsulated in a delicate and lingering aroma.