Ideal product for chewing cakes, sponge cakes, babà and for the preparation of ganache and pralines.

100% pure distillate

Rhum Agricole 50° 1Lt

Rum Agricole 50° The wise mix of handmade Rum from Jamaica and Martinique, an expression of the warm Caribbean aroma aged in small barrels of Iberian oak.

Ideale per babà, pralines, filled cakes, custard and butter

Selection Williams 50° 1Lt

Williams quality pears hand distilled in bain-marie stills and seasoned for 24 months in ash barrels. The aroma is particularly intense and persistent.

Ideale per pralines and filled cakes

Selection Kirsch 50° 1Lt

Ripe cherries from the Carnic area – Slovenian hand distilled in bain-marie stills. Fresh and fruity with a hint of almonds, aged for 24 months in ash.

Ideale per chocolate and hazelnuts creams; pralines

100% natural infusion

Orange Royal 60° 1Lt

The union between the oranges of the Antilles and the Italian brandy aged over twenty years, gives life to an intense and refined aroma.

Ideale per filled cakes, pralines, custard and butter, ice cream and frozen desserts

Original Triple Sec 60° 1Lt

An original recipe handed down for generations by a natural citrus infusion: orange, tangerine and lemon give life to this classic and international product, appreciated for its pungent freshness.

Ideale per pralines and creams; filled cakes