Easily ready to use, no need of dilution. Prepared without colourings or preservers, thanks to their low alcoholic content they are ideal to prepare fresh and light cakes. Perfect for traditional bakery and dip desserts.

Primizie 14° 1 Lt

Infusion and distillate of peach, melon, cherry and other fruits.

Crema Cacao 14° 1 Lt

Infusion and distillate of Brazilian cocoa beans.

Karamel 14° 1 Lt

Notes of bitter sweet caramel.

Lime Fresco Fresco 14° 1 Lt

Infusion and distillate of tropical lime.

Caffè Kenia 14° 1 Lt

Grinded with the best arabic coffee beans with an exclusive artisanal method that does not heat the bean and maintains the original aroma intact and fragrant.

Alkermes Naturale Rosso 14° 1 Lt

Infusion and distillate of aromatic herbs and berries: cinnamon, mace, iris and bulgarian rose. With natural colouring.

Jamaique 14° 1 Lt

Jamaica rhum flavoured, intense and persistent.

Saint George 14° 1 Lt

Aroma with aromatic herbs such as acorus, angelica, nutmeg, star anise and other spices.

Vaniglia Brown 14° 1 Lt

Delicate and persistent aroma enshrining the scent of vanilla pod.

Maraschino 14° 1 Lt

Distilled from Marasca cherries. Classic aroma, delicate and persistent.

Limoncello 14° 1 Lt

Infused and distilled from scented Italian lemons.