Traditional hot gelly

The ideal product for quickly and easily glazing tarts, tartlets, fruit baskets and babas without spoiling the fruit through scorching. A unique result of brilliance and transparency, even directly on the grill. Suitable for glazing parfaits and cream.

Gel-Fast Albicocca 13 Kg

Spray Apricot flavoured jelly for immediate use. Suitable for spray use with special tools.
It is sufficient to insert the suction tube in the practical hole of the container and set the dispensing machine at 75 ° -80 ° C.

Neutra 13 Kg

Dilutable Gelatin neutral taste for hot use, it can be diluted with water at 50-60%.

Albicocca 13 Kg

Dilutable Gelatin with apricot pulp for hot use, dilutable with water at 50-60%.